Reaching out to people of all

Socio-Economic and

Cultural Backgrounds

Maintaining the highest standards of clinical competence and ethical conduct


We help people overcome emotional difficulties, family crises and relationship conflicts through counseling and psychotherapy which address both the emotional and spiritual dimensions of a person’s wellbeing.

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The Stamford Counseling Center (SCC) is your resource for integrated mental and spiritual health treatment. You’ll find a friendly, helpful staff and a comforting, peaceful environment. ... Read More

Our Mission


The Stamford Counseling Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing counseling, psychotherapy and psycho-educational services which Read More…

Core Strengths


We’ve been around since 1970, and have a very unique history. We began as a pastoral counseling center working with churches and serving congregations, and have Read More…


African-american family

The Turning Point Program, launched in 2000, is an out-patient, community subsidized, mental health program for lower income, uninsured individuals and families View all Programs and Services..